American forest producer based out of Los Angeles, CA, Feelionics is the main project of Riley Legaspi. A long time raver, slightly seasoned DJ, and now a complete slave to the world of music production, Feelionics has gone darker, faster, and more chaotic with each track completed and each EP released.

Taking initial lessons for uplifting trance back in the day, he realized very quickly that melodies and fairly formulaic production styles were not what he wanted to focus on. Instead, Feelionics focuses on using forest, dark psy, and hitech as a mediums to express himself, taking elements of past trauma, relationship woes, and his pussycats (they're actually dogs) as inspiration to paint the ever-changing landscape that is life on Earth. Between groovy basslines, abnormal percussion patterns, dark and mesmerizing atmospheres, and of course, crazy leads playing tag with 13 other elements, a complete live set from Feelionics is nothing short of absolute madness.

So far, he thinks this route of essentially making dark nursery rhymes played in reverse as a proper route towards true musical expression. Then again, you can be the judge of that. He looks forward to building his audience, and with it, a steady flow of people that just simply love going crazies to music with him.

- GoaProductions 🇩🇪
- Blooming Minds Rec 🇲🇽
- Illuritual Crew 🇮🇳


- ALBUM - Nighttime Noodles | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2023)

- EP - In My Feels | SELF-RELEASE. (2022)

- VA - Ontologically Parasitic Holes | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2022)

- SINGLE - Lunatics | SELF-RELEASE. (2022)

- EP - Bunch-A-Crazies | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2021)


- EP - No Faith | 4DROPS RECORDS. (2021)

- VA - Xibalba | SCULPTED SOUNDS. (2021)

- EP - Cling | PHARMACY MUSIC (2020)

- EP - Hooked On Phonics | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2020)

- VA - Are You My Mother | BRAHMASUTRA RECORDS. (2020)

- RMX - Malice | PHARMACY MUSIC. (2020)

- EP - Misery | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2020)

- VA - Regurgitated Freq | GOAPRODUCTIONS. (2020)